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Bob Rudy

Why am I running for a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 97th Legislative District?

It's simple, to end the political tribalism that divides those who are expected to work together to benefit ALL the people in our community. This is a problem that trickles down from the state and national level and affects voters in Lancaster County.

I don't believe in the petty political games that are played by politicians who constantly vote ONLY along party lines, tie up important legislation at the committee level so it never has the opportunity to be considered by the entire House, those who put the financial security of millions of government employees, contractors and organizations at risk by failing to pass a budget on time, politicians who are beholden to lobbyists and special interest groups backed by dark money provided by power players lurking in the shadows, and those who, once in office, sell their souls for the power, prestige and money that comes with a career in politics.

I want to make a positive difference in the lives of, not only those I represent in the 97th Legislative District, including Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and others, but for ALL the people who live in Pennsylvania.

I enjoyed a career of 40+ years in radio as an on-air personality, but the driving force behind my success was based on my love of music and people. In addition to spinning some of the greatest music ever recorded in nearly every format, I was especially proud to use my position in the media to shine a light on my listeners and many non-profit organizations over the past 5 decades. As a result of my position as Public Service Director and Community Affairs Director at radio stations where I was employed, I had the power to promote fundraising and awareness events for non-profit organizations, and in many cases, appeared at the event to emcee/host the function in an effort in increase attendance, revenue, and participation by members of the community.

Two of the radio stations in which people are most familiar with my work include W.S.O.X. "Oldies 96.1" as half of the Morning Team of "Mad Dog & Rudy". I was also employed at W.I.O.V. "I-105" as host of "The Time Machine" playing Classic Country Music on Saturday nights for several years.
I've had my own station on the Internet for over 12 years.

Although I've been out of commercial radio for several years, I continue to invest my time and energy in the community hosting events and making appearances in order to help local non-profit organizations make Central Pennsylvania a better place to live.





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    With over 38 years of Professional Radio Broadcasting experience, Bob will deliver your message to your target audience with creativity, imagination, and respect to the needs and expectations of your company or organization.






Dogs for Rudy

One of my primary objectives in the “House” is to strengthen the laws against animal abuse and tighten the regulations on puppy mills in Pennsylvania.

Please show your support by posting a photo
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Experience and Education

Although I was literally one day away from dropping out of high school when I turned 16, I changed my attitude and my life overnight. Although I fell nearly a year behind my class, I entered the co-op education program, doubled up on classes, caught up and graduated with my class on time. I then went on to earn an AA degree from H.A.C.C., a BH degree in Communications from Penn State, and a Masters degree in Education from Penn State University.

In addition to my career in radio, my experience in education includes teaching courses in Communication and Speech at Elizabethtown College, Millersville University,
and Lancaster County Career & Technology Center.

I want every child to have to opportunity
to reach for their dreams.


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I'm your neighbor, I live in Willow Street,
in the heart of the 97th Legislative District.

Don't you love how politicians draw maps?
This looks more like a Rorschach test!